Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open road

Open road
Oil on panel

Some paintings fight you every step of the way. Others grab you by the arm and pull you along, whether you're ready to follow or not. That was the case with this one. If you ask me how long it took to paint it, I'd have to say a couple of hours and more than three years and countless hours of frustration, mistakes, and wipeouts. I left the paint fairly thin, partially because I liked the zig-zag brushstrokes of the road and partially because I didn't think I could improve it with thicker paint. I did add a couple of coats of glossy varnish to give it a glass-like finish.


George Carr said...

One senses the curvature of the earth in this piece, as well as speed and brilliant light. Summer in Vermont- yummy!

Scott Paterson said...

Another great composition, with yellow blues and red blues playing out for miles and miles.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Really like it - it's got presence with a big P.
Funny what you say about paintings fighting you or dragging you along. It's true isn't it. Jack Vettriano said "For the first 2 hours the painting has you by the throat; for the next 2, you have it by the throat". That was his experience anyway and sometimes mine.
ps. you've switched from acrylics to oils?

Steven P. Goodman said...

Thanks Sheila,
I used acrylics for a short time when I was trying to turn out a number of paintings quickly but I usually prefer oils. Lately I've been experimenting with painting with fairly thin washes that give a more fluid feel to the work.