Monday, April 12, 2010

Sedona series #3

Sedona series #3
Oil on panel

After praising the dazzling colors of the Sedona landscape I decided it was time to come back to earth and do a more restrained version of the previous painting. Here the paint is thinner, the colors more muted, and the brushstrokes are more delicately rendered. It's a much quieter painting but it has an inner strength I like. I'd love to hear whether you prefer this one or the previous version. Feel free to comment.


Victor Errington said...

Hi Steven.
I love both versions, but this one I personally like better. Well done again Steven, and all the best.

Suzanne McLean said...

Hi Steven, I like both paintings, but do prefer the one from April 9. The colours are more vibrant and in tune with the kind of palette I prefer. I love the wilder brushstrokes. And the darker areas give it a bit of a mysterious feeling, which I like. It tends to make me gaze longer at it.

Love your painting style, by the way. Very expressive. I always look forward to seeing what you post.



Wow Steve, I love them both but the softer colors of #3, really get to me.

SarahBowie said...

Yes, quiet but with inner strength - great description, and a style worthy of Sedona.

Steven P. Goodman said...

Thanks for your feedback.